Systems Design Virtual Workshop

Design Systems to Drive Ideal Behaviors for Ideal Results

All work in an organization is the outcome of a system. Systems must be designed to create a specific end objective; otherwise, they evolve on their own. Systems drive the behavior of people, and variation in behavior leads to variation in results. Organizational excellence requires well-designed systems to drive ideal behaviors that are required to produce sustainable results. Join us March 9 & 10, 2021, 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern Time, with our virtual host, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. (PLEASE NOTE, the Discover Excellence workshop is a prerequisite to register for Systems Design.)
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Systems Design Curriculum

Introduction, Pre-work and Technical Guides

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    Pre-workshop Materials and Introductions

    • Preparation for Your Shingo Workshop

    • Introduction to Value Capture and your Workshop Facilitators

    • Dr Russell Ackoff - Systems

    • Miro Tutorial Intro

    • Miro Tutorial Video

    • Zoom Tutorial

    • Participant Systems Current Condition

    • Important Materials to Print!

    • Key Resources and Links for Workshop

Systems Design Facilitators

Senior Advisor

Shana Padgett

Shana Padgett is passionate about improving the lives of patients and the people who care for them, and has led change initiatives for more than 25 healthcare organizations. She is an experienced Lean and Shingo facilitator, trainer and coach, helping leaders guide their organizations in the planning, execution and sustainability of strategic improvement initiatives for Zero Harm / Perfect Safety, quality, affordability and service.

CEO and Managing Director

Ken Segel

Ken Segel is a co-founding principal of Value Capture and serves as CEO and Managing Director of the firm. In this role he provides support to CEOs of healthcare organizations dedicated to eliminating injuries and improving quality as a means to dramatically raise the clinical and financial performance of the entire institution. Prior to forming Value Capture, Mr. Segel served as the founding director of the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative (PRHI). PRHI achieved best-in-nation regional results in the elimination of several classes of risk for patients.