Discover Excellence Virtual Workshop

The Foundation of the Shingo Model

Introducing the Shingo Model, Guiding Principles, and Three Insights to Excellence. Learn how the framework of the Shingo Model can help lead your organization to daily performance excellence. This virtual workshop, February 2 & 3, 2021, 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern Time, comprises full-group teaching and discussions, breakout-group exercises, and virtual gemba (go-and-see) sessions. The registration fee is $1,400.
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Discover Excellence Overview

What can I expect from the workshop?

Discover Excellence Curriculum

Introduction, Pre-work and Technical Guides

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    Pre-workshop Materials and Introductions

    • Preparation for Your Shingo Workshop

    • Introduction to Value Capture and your Workshop Facilitators

    • Case Study - Trouble at Tessei

    • Miro Tutorial Intro

    • Miro Tutorial Video

    • Zoom Tutorial

    • Participant Background/Experience

    • Key Resources and Links for Workshop

Discover Excellence Facilitators

Client Advisor

Shana Padgett

Shana Padgett is passionate about improving the lives of patients and the people who care for them, and has led change initiatives for more than 25 healthcare organizations. She is an experienced Lean and Shingo facilitator, trainer and coach, helping leaders guide their organizations in the planning, execution and sustainability of strategic improvement initiatives for Zero Harm / Perfect Safety, quality, affordability and service.

Client Advisor

Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd is a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of practice integrating process improvement methodologies into how he partners with clients and colleagues. He is passionate about collaborating with healthcare teams to create better care experiences and outcomes for patients and families. Bill is expert in coaching executive leaders, middle managers and frontline workers in improvement, management and work redesign systems. His approach aims to always meet a team where they are and then work together to drive toward perfection.