Virtual Simulation February 18, 2021

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In this Simulation, you'll be tasked with building food trays to deliver to patients in the hospital. You'll be given standard work and tray components to build the trays in a specified time. When time expires, your facilitators will guide you through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust). Based on your PDCA, you'll then build food trays in second, third and fourth rounds, with PDCA between each round. These four cycles of rapid learning will lead to rapid improvements in quality and on-time, defect-free delivery, and incorporate elements of a work system, an improvement system and a management system. The integration of these three systems is key to rapid, meaningful improvement in any organization.

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Simulation Overview

Hands-On Improvement Curriculum

Introduction and Pre-work and Calendar Invitation

  • 1

    Simulation Preparation

    • Welcome to the Hands-On Improvement Simulation Preparation

  • 2

    Interconnected Systems

    • Dr Russell Ackoff - Systems

    • Three Interdependent Systems

    • Work System

    • Improvement System

    • Management System

    • The 3 Systems: Connected

  • 3

    Scientific Method

    • Key Principle: Embrace Scientific Thinking

    • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Cycle

  • 4

    Lean Thinking: Elimination of Waste

    • What is Lean Thinking?

    • The 8 Wastes


Your trusted Simulation Guides!

Vice President of Advisory Services

Didier Rabino

Over the past 25 years, Didier Rabino has been leading and supporting lean transformations and new process implementations in healthcare and manufacturing organizations. Since joining Value Capture in 2019, he has led work redesign at a Sutter Health ambulatory clinic, and is now providing executive coaching to leaders of a Pennsylvania health system. Prior to joining Value Capture, Didier served as Executive Lean Sensei of Fairview Health Services, where he provided coaching to senior executives and Board of Directors members. Didier is a Shingo examiner and an instructor for the Manufacturers Alliance and Shingo Lean Bronze certification.


Bill Boyd

Bill Boyd is a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of practice integrating process improvement methodologies into how he partners with clients and colleagues. He is passionate about collaborating with healthcare teams to create better care experiences and outcomes for patients and families. Bill is expert in coaching executive leaders, middle managers and frontline workers in improvement, management and work redesign systems. His approach aims to always meet a team where they are and then work together to drive toward perfection.