Excellence in the Shingo Framework

California Improvement Network Learning Experience, Please Join Us April 6, 2021, 9 - 11 a.m. PT

The Shingo Model provides a powerful framework designed to guide the transformation of an organization’s culture toward achieving sustainable excellence by achieving ideal results. It helps convey the relationships and interactions between tools, systems, principles, culture, and results. In our two hours together, Shana Padgett, Senior Advisor with Shingo Affiliate, Value Capture, will provide an overview of the Shingo Model, Guiding Principles, and the concept of Key Behavioral Indicators. She will also facilitate an exercise grounded in the leader work of defining the principles that the organization aligns to and what that looks like at each level of the organization.
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What You'll Learn

The Link between Principles, Systems and Behaviors

  • Learning Objective

    You will gain an understanding of the basics and power of the Shingo Model’s integrated frame: Principles, Systems, Behaviors, Tools, and Results.

  • Breakout Exercise

    In our breakout exercise, we will focus on one Guiding Principle in order to build skill in identifying behaviors that demonstrate the Principle, and develop our understanding of consequent effects on performance.

  • Organizational Excellence

    “An organization moves closer to excellence as it achieves its desired results as an outcome of behaviors, driven by systems that can sustain not only the results but also the culture that created it.” -- Shingo Institute

Excellence in the Shingo Framework: An Overview - Pre-reading Materials

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    Shingo Framework Preparation Materials and Miro Tutorial

    • Welcome! Introduction and Overview

    • Agenda

    • Miro Tutorial Introduction

    • Miro Tutorial Video and Introduction Exercise

    • Zoom Tutorial

I'm Looking Forward to Meeting and Learning with You!

Vice President of Advisory Services

Shana Padgett

Shana Padgett is passionate about improving the lives of patients and the people who care for them, and has led change initiatives for more than 25 healthcare organizations. She is an experienced Lean and Shingo facilitator, trainer and coach, helping leaders guide their organizations in the planning, execution and sustainability of strategic improvement initiatives for Zero Harm / Perfect Safety, quality, affordability and service.